Principle Organs

The principal organs of D-8 are:

  1. The Summit

  2. The Council

  3. The Commission

The Summit, which is the supreme organ of D-8, is composed of the Heads of State/Government of member states. It is convened once every two years.

The Council is composed of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of member states. It is the political decision-making organ of D-8, and acts as a forum for thorough and comprehensive consideration of the issues at hand.

The Commission is the executive body of D-8. It is composed of senior officials appointed by their respective governments. Each Commissioner is responsible for the national coordination in his/her respective country.

D-8 Secretariat

According to the decision made by the Heads of State/Government at the 8th Summit (Islamabad, Pakistan, 2012), the composition of the Directing Staffs of the Secretariat until December 2016 is as follows:

1. Secretary General (Malaysia)

2. Director I (Administrative, Legal and Internal Issues)(Nigeria)

3. Director II (Economy,Implementation and External Relations)(Egypt)