24 October 2014, Istanbul-Turkey
UNGA adopted resolution on D-8 observer status
The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted a Resolution granting 'Observer Status' to the D-8 Organization. 

The Sixth Committee of the United Nations General Assembly in its 18th meeting on 23 October 2014 adopted the draft resolution concerning grant of Observer Status to the Developing Eight Organization for Economic Cooperation without a vote. With this, the important process of obtaining observer status at the UNGA has marked a significant progress. The Secretary-General of the D-8 congratulates all the Members of the D-8 for this significantly forward movement and thanks the untiring efforts of all in furthering the process. 

Observer status in the General Assembly will enable the Developing Eight Countries Organization for Economic Cooperation strengthen its public visibility, benefit from worldwide experience, including the opportunity to enhance its capacity-building process, and share a platform with international community. As a young and promising intergovernmental organization, it looks forward to the opportunity to work closely with the United Nations. Such closer relations will enable it to make great strides in its march forward and to play its due role at the regional and international levels, particularly with regard to the peoples of its member States.

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