20 October 2017, Istanbul-Turkey
Statement by the First Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the 9th D-8 Summit on 20 October 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey
The Honourable Chairman 
Your Excellencies 
Ladies and Gentlemen 
In the Name of God 
In the name of the Islamic Republic of Iran and on behalf of Iran's nation, I offer my sincerest congratulations to all the state members over holding the 9th Summit of D-8 Economic Cooperation Organization which marks the 20th anniversary of the formation of this organization as well. 

First I commend the brotherly government and nation of Turkey for hosting this important Summit and wish the Republic of Turkey success in their chairing of the ext term of D-8 Organization. I also take the chance to appreciate the efforts taken by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for chairing the Organization over the last 5 years. 

The Honourable Presidents of Countries and Nations, the Respected Members 
The current world is faced with diverse issues, crises, threats and challenges. We associate the development of these problems with the influence of two primary factors: implementing hegemonic policies and interventionism at the global level on one side and the emergence of extremism and regional violence on the other side. 

These two political phenomena are not consistent with any of the realities and developments of the modern world. This is the age of development of modern technologies and sources of know-how, the age of enlightened and aware nations, the age of growth of democracy and the age of willingness to coexist in a varied, multi-cultural world, not the age of colonialism-styled unilateralism or extremism and violence in the name of religion, ethnicity or nationality. Together, we should attempt to replace dominant unilateralism with multilateralism, force-oriented global wills with dialogue-based policies and political and universal interventions with regional and development-based collaborations.

Sowing dissention, violence and terrorism is dangerous, regardless of the location and the title given to such acts. It is even more dangerous in the world of Islam in the name of religion, ethnicity or religion. We are proud of practicing a religion, a culture and a civilization which have heralded mercy, compassion, ethics, justice and freedom. We must stand against any form of dissension, violence and terrorism in the name of Islam, in the name of Shia Islam, in the name of Sunni Islam, in the name of all Islamic religions and in the name of all Abrahamic religions. We must join forces to combat ISIS and IS IS-ism, violence and extremism, dissensions and wars. 
We all must be alert and sensitive to the hegemonic policies of the US and the Zionist regime and prevent these interventionist policies from intensifying violence, extremism and spread of dissentions. We must not allow violence motivated solutions and militarism to overthrow political, dialogue-based solutions and expose the innocent, Muslim populations and Islamic territories to destruction and massacre. 

Unfortunately, the world of Islam is grappling with a variety of perils and threats. The oppressed peoples of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Bahrain have  fell victims to wars, conflicts and violence, Rohyngyan Muslims of Myanmar have been embroiled in genocide and extremism while the recent organization of an illegal referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan has jeopardized the territorial integrity of Iraq, the regional stability and security as well as the rights of our Kurdish brothers and sisters to comprehensive development. These perils and threats demand regional and international coordination and collaborations. As the initiator of global alliance against violence and extremism, the Islamic Republic of Iran considers dialogues informed by common interests and the win­win strategy as the only channel of resolving regional and international crises. 
The Vision Plan and its Road Map have enlightened the road ahead for us. We must create a team that could influence regional and international developments via implementing every agreement and laying the ground for a robust economy which could withstand the regional economic and political threats. 

It goes without saying that the development and progress road is a bumpy one and no country or government can travel on this road on their own. It requires collaboration and interaction of each country in every field. 

D8 organization has a great potential for progress and development if it uses the capabilities and talents of its member states. As ever, the Islamic Republic of Iran  will not spare any efforts in achieving the objectives of the organization. 

The honourable chairman 
The respected members 
Thanks to its vast oil and gas resources, the Islamic Republic of Iran is prepared to contribute to global energy security in form of long-term cooperation contracts and is willing to enhance the capacities of transit corridors through joint investment efforts in marine, railroad and road transportation infrastructures. Iran's economy boasts unique prospects of growth and development. Once combined with Iran's political accomplishments in finalizing JCPOA, ratifying appropriate international conventions, lifting the illegal sanctions and winning the universal endorsements, these prospects have projected Iran as a stable, robust power with a flourishing economy in spite of the efforts of regional and international bellicose players. I do hope we can advance broader and deeper collaborations through grasping this chance as well as forming bi-and-multi intra­ organizational cooperation initiatives. 

The Islamic Republic of Iran does not see itself the rival of any country in the region. It instead considers the power of any Islamic country as its own power and the power of the Islamic world as the power of the whole present world. Peace for all, development for all and flourishing of all pave the way for the creation of a world which is safe and free of all forms of violence, extremism and rifts. It is the duty of us all to move towards constructing such a world. 

Your excellencies 
In the end, expressing profound appreciation to the Government and the people of Turkey for their decent hosting of the 9th Summit, I acknowledge the efforts of His Excellency Mr. Mousavi as the secretary general of D-8 for his untiring efforts in promoting the D-8 objectives during his chairmanship of the Organization and also take the chance to offer my congratulations to His Excellency Mr. Dato ku Jaafar Ku Shaari as the next secretary general of the Organization and wish him every success in his undertaking. 
Thank You

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