17 February 2016, Islamabad-Pakistan
New date set for implementation of the D-8 PTA
D-8 Trade Ministers announced 1st July 2016 as the new date for implementation of the D-8 Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA). The date was declared at the 2nd Trade Ministers’ Council Meeting on 17 February 2016 in Islamabad. 

Mr. Khurram Dastgir Khan, Minister of Commerce of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and current Chair of the Trade Ministers Council, expressed hope and confidence that the Member States would make the implementation of the D-8 PTA by the agreed upon date. He also said that operationalization of the PTA would encourage D-8 private sector and other economic actors to pursue more trade and economic activities with their counterparts in the D-8 countries, contributing positively to enhancing D-8 intra-trade.

Dr. Seyed AliMohammad Mousavi, D-8 Secretary-General, also expressed hope that the Member States would complete all formalities before 1st July in order to implement the PTA as agreed upon. He also thanked the government of Pakistan for hosting the meetings.  

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