4-6 November 2013 | Antalya, Turkey
D-8 went step ahead to enhance its fertilizer cooperation
Turkey successfully hosted the 2nd Ad Hoc Meeting to Consider the Formation of Consortium on Fertilizer 4-6 November 2013 in Antalya. Delegations from member countries exchanged views and shared information on the importance of production, distribution, trade, research and development on fertilizers. This event was meant to generate discussion on the importance of the status of production, distribution and trade of fertilizers in D-8 Countries as well as to formulate feasibility of establishment of trade Consortium on Fertilizers.

In opening Session, D-8 Secretary General expressed the importance of the progressing of fertilizer utilization and awareness of the food system transformation as coherent policy for better nutrition. He also added that the governments and private sectors in D-8 Countries should take active participation in harmonization of standards in the production of fertilizers as well as establishing database collection and information on standard of fertilizers. 

The Meeting agreed that the establishing joint research and technological collaboration in production to manufacture customized organic and non-organics fertilizers and establishing intra-D8 trade for better market access were also imperative for further D-8 fertilizer cooperation. It was also mentioned that the advancements in genetics and biotechnology in D-8 Countries would massively contribute towards utilization of fertilizer as well as increased food production. In addition, the volume of production and consumption of fertilizers in D-8 member states were still main challenges for all of D-8 member states to tackle in very concrete terms.

The delegates also discussed the draft Memorandum of Understanding for establishment of D-8 Fertilizer Association. The meeting agreed that the documents discussed would be circulated to all D-8 Member States through the D-8 Secretariat for their further assessment and feedback. It was expected that the documents would be finalized during the Working Group Meeting on Fertilizer, which will be held just before the 4th Agricultural Ministerial Meeting on Food Security (4-6 December 2013, Abuja-Nigeria) for consideration and adoption.

At the end of Meeting, the D-8 Fertilizer Website (www.d8fa.org) was presented again. The meeting expected that this Website would be improved and used as a database of fertilizer stakeholders in the D-8 member countries. In addition, the Meeting highly urged D-8 Member Countries to actively participate in providing their fertilizer information to the aforementioned website.

Photos of the meeting can be viewed from the link below:
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