D-8 to Hold Ministerial Meeting on Industry 4-6 October
D-8 is scheduled to hold The second D-8 Ministerial Meeting on Industry to be held during 4-6 October 2011, in Istanbul, Turkey.

D-8 is scheduled to hold the second D-8 Ministerial Meeting on Industry to be held during 4-6 October 2011, in Istanbul, Turkey. (please click here to access the official event website).

The group of D-8 countries officially started its activities in 1997 with the aim of developing cooperation among member countries. The major economic objectives of D-8 are promoting the position of member countries in the world economy, giving variety and provision of new opportunities in commercial relations, increasing the participation of member countries in international decision-making, and raising the level of living standards. Considering the above mentioned economic purposes, the industrial cooperation among member countries can be regarded as the basis of cooperation among D-8 countries.

Countries of D-8 possess an appropriate atmosphere for developing their economic activities especially in industrial fields, due to their interest in economic and social development on the basis of pieces, dialogue, cooperation, justice, fairness, and democracy. Since the aim of D-8 is to promote the position of the member countries in the world economy, one of the bases of the growth of D-8 is cooperation among the member countries. The member countries which include Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Turkey, all are developing countries that attempt to reach their targets by mutual cooperation. The 4.17% rate of the export share of the member countries from total world export clearly shows that these countries can go rapidly move toward development cooperating with each other and expect a minimum share of 10% of the world economy.

Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, and Nigeria are among 50 exporting countries of the world and Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, and Pakistan are also among 50 importing countries of the world. This statistic clearly reflects the capacities of the member countries in exploiting industrial capabilities. Especially, in single industries in which industrial cooperation is very important, this cooperation within D-8 can be very useful.

The meeting shall be held in Haliç Congress Centre – Istanbul, Turkey, during 4-6 October 2011.

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