9-11 March 2013- Kish Island, Iran
D-8 to Gear Up on Formulation of Solid Fertilizers Cooperation
First Meeting of D-8 Ad Hoc Group on the possible formation of Consortium on Fertilizer
The D-8 Organization has successfully concluded its intensive ad hoc meeting on fertilizer, which was held in Kish Island of Iran, during 9-11 March 2013. The meeting, attended by participation from Turkey, Nigeria, Malaysia, and Iran, was a follow up event as agreed in the previous Working Group meeting on Fertilizer, held in Mataram, Indonesia, on October 2012, and sought to discuss the proposal of establishing a fertilizer trade consortium of chemical and bio-organic related governmental and private company institutions, investment banks, and research bodies among member countries.

The meeting witnessed the active exchange of views on the current status of production, distribution, and trade of fertilizers in D-8 Countries, and thoroughly discuss the feasibility of established the referred trade consortium. The meeting resoluted on proposing an MoU on the establishment of a D-8 trade consortium on fertilizer. The MoU will serve as an initial draft to be presented and sought final approval from all D-8 member countries at the 2nd D-8 Ad Hoc Group Meeting on Fertilizer, which will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, in mid of 2013.

The Report of this meeting will be available for distribution to related ministries in the Member Countries through their respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Photos of the events during the meeting can be viewed from the link below:

***** Member Countries are also kindly requested to encourage their public and private sector players in Fertilizer industry to register in the D-8 Fertilizer Website at www.d8ftc.com  to gain full access of valuable information and to build database within the D-8, and recommend a private sector as their representative to the Assocaition.*****

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