04 March 2017, Istanbul-Turkey
D-8 Secretary-General addressed 6th Commemorative Program of late Necmettin Erbakan
Late Professor Necmettin Erbakan, former Prime Minister of Turkey and founding father of D-8 Organization, was remembered on the sixth anniversary of his passing away through programs in his memory all across Turkey and abroad.

Dr. Seyed Ali Mohammad Mousavi, D-8 Secretary-General, addressed the audience in the commemoration ceremony that was held by Erbakan Foundation in Abdi Ipekci Arena, Istanbul. The ceremony was also attended by Mr. Fatih Erbakan, President of Erbakan Foundation, participants from different international organizations and national government officials.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Mousavi said: ‘’It is always an honour to be invited to this commemorative program that is being held to mark the 6th anniversary of the passing away of former Prime Minister of Turkey and founding father of D-8 Organization, Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan, one of the most celebrated figures in Turkey and beyond.’’

Dr. Mousavi said that Late Erbakan was not only a great statesman of Turkey but also a widely-lauded personality in Islamic World. He played the most critical and pivotal role in establishing the D-8 Organization in 1997. He added that as founding father of D-8, late Erbakan was practicing true spirit of Islam, passionate for humanity, freedom, justice and development in Islamic societies. ‘’All he wished for was a developed and prosperous Turkey and Islamic world and he attached great importance to cooperation among Islamic countries. He stood upright against acts of injustice and wrongdoings that caused sufferings to people around the world.’’, he added.

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