04 April 2016, Istanbul-Turkey
D-8 Civil Aviation to consolidate cooperation in air services
Directorate General of Civil Aviation of Turkey will hold 10th D-8 Directors-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) meeting in May in Cappadocia, Turkey. Mr. Bahri Kesici, Deputy Director General of Civil Aviation of Turkey met Dr. Seyed AliMohammad Mousavi, the D-8 Secretary-General on 04 April 2016 to discuss the event. They exchanged views to make the meeting more effective and result-oriented. 

Dr. Mousavi appreciated DGCA of Turkey for their initiative to take lead in D-8 civil aviation sector. He mentioned that Member States benefit from sharing their experiences and capacities with one another, especially Turkey that has vibrant and successful airline industry operating round the world. Two interlocutors discussed the possibility of engaging private sectors in D-8 civil aviation industry and agreed to facilitate private sector connectivity. Mr. Bahri informed that D-8 airline industries would be invited to attend the upcoming D-8 DGCA meeting in order to establish connectivity amongst themselves and explore each other’s potentials, expertise and capacities.   

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