01 September 2016, Ankara-Turkey
4th D-8 Task Force on Technology Cooperation meeting in Ankara
The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) hosted the 4th D-8 Task Force on Technology meeting in Ankara, Turkey from 1-2 September 2016. The meeting was attended by representatives from the government and private sectors of the D-8 Member States.

Dr. Seyed AliMohammad Mousavi, the D-8 Secretary-General, in his opening address referred to the Task Force achievement with several practical project proposals since its first meeting in October 2011. He hoped that the Task Force could present itself with more effective and result-oriented outcomes in terms of viable projects for the benefit of all stakeholders in the D-8 Member States.

This meeting has been structured with the aim of addressing issues related to four (4) key sectors namely, Smart Cities, Healthcare, Financial Services and Education through the application of ICT. Through this approach, participants will have the opportunity to share each other’s experiences and formulate possible solutions in addressing common problems and challenges faced by the Member States.

The meeting also accords special emphasis on private sector participation with specific sessions being organised for policy makers, research institutions and the private sectors. This session can further reinvigorate the public-private partnership initiative which could act as an important platform for the government and private sector to collaborate. Furthermore, a dedicated networking session specifically for the private sector to network has been allocated in this meeting. In this B2B session, the private sector was given the opportunity to exchange ideas and establish networking and are expected to formulate a Cooperation Road Map to further strengthen private sector cooperation in the field of technology among the Member States.

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