17 October 2017, Istanbul-Turkey
39th Session of D-8 Commission held in Istanbul
39th Session of the D-8 Commission was held in Istanbul on 17-18 October 2017 with the Chairmanship of Turkey. Commissioners and Heads of delegation from all the D-8 Member States took part in the 2-day session. 

The Commission discussed Istanbul Declaration 2017, D-8 Istanbul Plan of Action and the budget of the D-8 Secretariat for 2018. The 39th Session preceded the 17th Session of the Council and the 9th Summit. 

It may be mentioned that the Commission is the Executive body of the Principal Organ of the D-8 Organization. The Commission meets twice a year in accordance with the provisions stipulated in the D-8 Charter. It is presided over by the Chairman-in-Office. 

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