29th D-8 Commissioners Meeting Has Been Held 10-12 March, in Abuja, Nigeria
29th D-8 Commissioners Meeting Has Been Held 10-12 March, in Abuja, Nigeria

The D-8 Organization has just recently organized the periodical Commissioner meeting, which took place in Abuja, Nigeria, during the 10-12 March, 2011. The meeting was attended by participation of delegates from the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Republic of Indonesia, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Malaysia, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Republic of Turkey.

The meeting, which was chaired by H.E. Dr. Martin Uhomoibhi, the D-8 Commissioner and the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria, discussed various agenda items such as Report Activities of the D-8 Secretariat, Adoption of Calender of Events, as well as Action Plan for the implementation of Roadmap. Other focus was paid to similarly important agenda items such as the consultation talks on Global Vision and Charter, MoU with OIC and MoC with ICAO and TMAG in Civil Aviation sector, promotion of private sector led cooperation, as well as the discussion on ToR of Joint Investment Fund.

On the Global Vision Agenda and Charter, Member Countries agreed that these two activities are interlinked but should be handled at two different levels of expertise. To this end, it is viewed that organising a Workshop on Global Vision and a Working Group Meeting to finalise the draft D-8 Charter will be useful. It is also recommended that the Commission take full part in these activities, and Turkey expressed readiness to host these meetings back to back during second half of 2011. During this meeting D-8 Documents, included Action Plan and Roadmap would also be discussed.

Dr. Harold O. Demuren (left), from the Nigerian DGCA Authority signed the MoC on the second day of the 29th Session of Commissioner Meeting

Other important result was in Civil Aviation map. The Commission endorsed that the Chairman of DGCA of Turkey to sign MoC with ICAO and TMAG on behalf of D-8. It is worth to note also that in an official signing ceremony, in the presence of D-8 Commissioners and Secretary General, Nigerian DGCA Dr. Harold O. Demuren, signed MoU for  the Establishment of D-8 Member States’ Working Group for Co-operation in Civil Aviation, which has already been signed by six other Member Countries.

During the Meeting, Secretary General informed the Meeting that pursuant to the meeting with D-8 Commissioner of Nigeria in Istanbul on March 4, 2011, three papers on Terms of References for Food Security, Transportation and SMEs Cooperation have been prepared. Secretary General encouraged Member Countries to focus their attention on these three important areas of cooperation. The Chairman called on Member Countries to review these documents so that it will be discussed thoroughly during next meeting.

Official Report of the 29th Session of Commissioner Meeting can be downloaded in the Member Download Area of this website.

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