09 May 2017, Istanbul-Turkey
D-8 and Turkish Employment Agency (ISKUR) to work closely in the area of Employment
Mr. Cafer Uzunkaya, Deputy Director-General and Mr. Aşkın Tören, Head of Department, Foreign Relations and Projects of the Turkish Employment Agency (ISKUR), paid a working visit to the D-8 Secretariat and held discussions with Mr. Nasir Aminu, Director, accompanied by Ms. Damla Haciibrahimoglu, Programme Officer.
The two sides exchanged views on possible areas of mutual cooperation and knowledge sharing between the two organizations. These include new policy frameworks on labour, employment and productivity; experience-sharing, global best practices, skills acquisition and institutional linkages.    

At the beginning of the meeting, the Secretary-General of the D-8 Organization for Economic Cooperation, Dr. Mousavi received the delegation of ISKUR and in his opening remarks, he highlighted the importance of sound employment and skill acquisition policies for D-8 Member-States and expressed the believe that further cooperation in this area will benefit all members of the Organization. 

Mr. Uzunkaya and Mr. Tören thanked the Secretary-General for the warm reception and shared the views expressed by him on the need for cooperation between D-8 and ISKUR so that both Organizations could reap maximum benefits for their peoples. 

ISKUR replaced the former Turkish labour agency, namely the Institution for the Provision of Jobs and Employees (IPJE) in 2003 and started serving as a platform for improving the employment situation in the country, preventing unemployment and executing unemployment insurance services. Over time, it has established a structure that enables it to implement active and passive labour policies alongside its conventional services. Today, ISKUR is one of Turkey’s most prominent organizations, with regional, national and international roles and it works in close collaboration with the OIC and the SESRIC. 

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