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The purpose to establish the cooperation within D-8 in civil aviation is to enable the member countries to cooperate and coordinate themselves on all matters related to civil aviation and its industry, including the private sector.

The main objective of the D-8 WGCA is to invites delegates, both represented the interest of government and private sector, into a thought provoking discussions on the most contemporary issues, latest developments and trends and the most up-to-date thinking in the fast growing of the areas of civil aviation, such as: safety, security, air transportation, training, maintenance, airport infrastructure, leasing, investment, low-cost carrier, and etc. into a concrete D-8 cooperation program in civil aviation. 

It has also objectives to identify potencies, opportunities, challenges, and threats of D-8 in civil aviation cooperation, as well as to attempt to facilitate the meeting among the stakeholders, such as government/regulators, companies, investors, and financial institutions/banks. The D-8 WGCA focuses on issues and exchange information related to the potential growth and cooperation of the civil aviation industry and business, that allow delegates have ideas how a cooperation program, with a timeframe, could be well prepared and implemented.
  • Background
  • Activities

The 1st D-8 WGCA and Director Generals’ Meeting was held in late June 2007 (Antalya, Turkey), where the importance of cooperation in the field of Civil Aviation and its manifold benefits were underlined. 

The 2nd Director Generals of Civil Aviation Meeting was held in (8- 10 September 2007, Isfahan, Iran) agreed, inter alia, on the need for private sector engagement and emphasized the critical importance of flight safety and security to D-8 countries. It also underlined the importance of D-8 cooperation, on a permanent and sustainable manner, specifically in the areas of maintenance, training, terminal and airport operations, and ground handling. 

The 3rd D-8 WGCA and Director Generals’ Meeting was held in  (17-18 June 2008, Bali, Indonesia) undertook to address and discuss the potentials and challenges of cooperation between and among the D-8 countries, also at the level of private sectors. Three areas of cooperation; air navigation systems; aircraft maintenance; and airport infrastructure, received particular attention at the meeting.  During the meeting Indonesia informed the participants about the development of a Strategic Plan on Civil Aviation called “Roadmap to Safety”, covering the three main elements of safety, security, and services. 

The 4th D-8 Working Group on Civil Aviation and Director Generals Meeting(26-27 November 2010, Antalya, Turkey) focused on the importance of the role of private sectors. The meeting was informed that as an initial step the private sectors of Indonesia and Turkey had met and agreed to initiate cooperation in the areas of airport infrastructure and operations.  

The 5th D-8 Working Group on Civil Aviation and Director Generals Meeting(8-9 June 2011, Jakarta, Indonesia), with the participation of the private sector participation of some member countries, discussed the wide range of potentials areas for cooperation. The meeting also discussed the draft Terms of Reference (ToR) of the Task Force on Training and Commercial Issues; Task Force on Capacity Building; Task Force on Safety and Security; and Task Force on Air Navigation and Air Traffic Management.

The 6th D-8 Working Group on Civil Aviation And Directors General Meeting( 18th – 19th October 2012, Abuja-Nigeria) Civil aviation investment opportunities, partnerships and co-operation within D-8 countries (public & private sector)

The 7th D-8 Working Group on Civil Aviation And Director Generals Meeting (3-4 June 2013, Dhaka - Bangladesh) Overview on the Current Development and Way Forward of Civil Aviation Cooperation within D-8 Countries and Progress Reports from the Task Forces of Working Group Civil Aviation.

The 8th D-8 meeting of Directors-General and Expert Working Group on Civil Aviation (24-25 august 2014, Dhaka-Bangladesh) The Meeting discussed the current development of D-8 civil aviation cooperation, particularly the works of Task forces, states of capacity building as well as current development of Memorandum of Cooperation between D-8 and ICAO. The meeting would also assess and evaluate the updates the report of Task Forces on Air Navigation & Air Traffic Management, Commercial Issues, Safety & Security and Training & Capacity Building. Individual Task Forces on each of these issues apprised the meeting of the developments so far made. 

In addition to the above meetings, the following meetings have also taken place.

The D-8 DGCA Working Group Task Force (6 March 2009, Istanbul, Turkey) discussed the draft Terms of Reference (ToR) prepared by Indonesia. Moreover, as requested by DGCA Turkey, the scope of the Task Force was expanded to include “Airport Infrastructure.” The idea of the establishment of a joint training center among the member countries was also raised and discussed at the meeting.  

The D-8 Airport Management Operation and Industrial Cooperation Workshop ( 
4-6 April 2012, Istanbul, Turkey), which provided the opportunity for private sector meeting, deliberated on various issues, aspects and opportunities for cooperation between D-8 countries in the aviation sector. Participants also exchanged information regarding the development of airport management and operation.

Moreover, the draft of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the establishment of D-8 Member States Working Group for Co-operation in Civil Aviation, which had been prepared at the first meeting of the DGCA in June 2007, was adopted at a meeting in September the same year in Iran. By mid of 2011, all member countries have signed the MoU.

D-8 Aviation Experts participated in Flight Procedure Design Workshop in Iran 3-7 November 2013, Tehran-Iran--

The workshop was aimed to give the participants a better opportunity to provide improved services regarding flight procedure designing. Such workshops will definitely pave the way for the enhancement of instructions and development of aerospace industry’s know-how among the D-8 Countries. 

DGCA Turkey hosted the D-8 Workshop on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) on 7 October 2016 at the sideline of the Istanbul Airshow 2016.  The workshop was organized to share knowledge and experience on the latest developments in certification, design and manufacturing aspects of RPAS

  • 10th D-8 Directors-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) meeting in Cappadocia, Turkey from 23-24 May 2016. The meeting outcomes:

    -Discussion on the draft Multilateral Air Services Agreement between D-8 States would take place under the Task Force on Commercial Issues and Member States would provide their inputs and feedback to the Secretariat.

    -Task Force on Safety and Security will be separated to form Task Force on Security and Task Force on Safety. Task Force on Security will be chaired by Turkey with Pakistan as Co-Chair. Task Force on Safety will be chaired by Malaysia. 

    -Malaysia will work on harmonization of safety standards under the Task Force on Safety. A questionnaire will be developed in line with EASA regulations as a reference document. 

    -Turkey will work to develop ‘D-8 National Security Auditor Certification Program’ as a common project and liaise with Malaysia in this regard. 

    -Turkey will organize a workshop on RPAS regulations in September 2016 in Turkey. 

    -D-8 Secretariat will create an e-forum for continuous discussion on issues under each Task Force. The Secretariat will inform the Member States of the status for the further dissemination among Member States.

Meetings held so far:

-1st  D-8 WGCA and Director Generals’ Meeting ( 27-29 June 2007, Antalya-Turkey )

-2nd D-8 WGCA and Director Generals’ Meeting (8- 10 September 2007, Isfahan-Iran )

-3rd  D-8 WGCA and Director Generals’ Meeting ( 17-18 June 2008 Bali, Indonesia)

-4th D-8 Working Group on Civil Aviation and Director Generals Meeting (26-27 November 2010, Antalya – Turkey) 

-5th D-8 Working Group on Civil Aviation and Director Generals Meeting (8-9 June 2011, Jakarta – Indonesia) 

-D-8 Airport Management, Operation and Industrial Cooperation Workshop (4-5 April 2012, Istanbul – Turkey) 

-6th D-8 Working Group on Civil Aviation and Directors General Meeting (18-19 October 2012, Abuja – Nigeria) 

-7th Working Group on Civil Aviation (3-4 June 2013, Dhaka-Bangladesh) 

- Workshop on Flight Procedure Design (PANS-POS) (3-7 November 2013,Tehran-Iran)

-8th D-8 Working Group on Civil Aviation (WGCA) and Director Generals Meeting (June 2014,Dhaka- Bangladesh) 

-9th D-8 Meeting of Directors General and Expert Working Group on Civil Aviation (18-19 May 2015, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia)