The main body responsible for discussion and negotiation of the PTA was the High Level Trade Officials (HLTO) which started their first meeting in 2004 in Iran and completed their task at the 11th HLTO meeting held in 2010 in Turkey, The objectives of the HLTO were to discuss and finalize the following:

•Draft Agreement on PTA between D-8 Member States

•Draft Agreement of Rules of Origin which is an Annex to the PTA

•Modality of tariff reduction for the PTA

•Operating Custom Procedures of the PTA among the D-8 Member States 

•Offer list by the Member States based on transposed HS code of 2012

  • Background
  • Activities

-11th High Level Trade Officials (HLTO) -- 9-10 October 2010, Istanbul-Turkey

Member Countries agreed to submit their revised Offer Lists with necessary corrections including the full product descriptions at all heading and subheading levels in their Offer Lists to D-8 Secretariat in order to bring clarity to facilitate the implementation of PTA. 

The meeting agreed and underscored that all Member Countries need to ratify PTA as soon as possible. After notification of the ratification of PTA by one more member, it will legally enter into force for all four countries and the rest of the countries will join them as soon as they are ready (Update: PTA has now been officially set into force as per 25 August 2011). Meeting encouraged the remaining countries, which have yet to ratify PTA, to do so as soon as possible.

The subsequent meeting was the 1st Supervisory Committee Meeting, which was successfully held in Istanbul on 22 March 2012.

  • -Commencement of Supervisory Committee of Preferential Trade Agreement (SC-PTA)

With the provisions of Article 34 of the “Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) among D-8 Member States”, PTA officially entered into force between Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria and Turkey on 25 August 2011, to be followed by Indonesia on 4 October 2011 and Pakistan on 08 February 2012 - hereinafter referred to as the Contracting Parties.As per Article 27 of PTA, a Supervisory Committee should be established in order to prepare the grounds for the actual implementation of the Agreement.
the First Meeting of the Supervisory Committee of the PTA (SC PTA) was held on 22 March 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey. In this regard, the work of HLTO was finished, and subsequently substituted/continued by the SC-PTA.

The work of HLTO was finished. Subsequently, the work of this group has been substituted by the SC-PTA since 22 March 2012. 

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-7th Meeting of High Level Trade Officials of D-8 Countries (18-19 December2006 Islamabad- Pakistan) -Held

-8th Meeting of High Level Trade Officials of D-8 Countries (3-4 May 2007, Islamabad-Pakistan) - Held

-9th Meeting of High Level Trade Officials of D-8 Countries (27-28 March 2008, Islamabad-Pakistan) - Held

-10th Meeting Of High Level Trade Officials Of D-8 Countries (3 July 2008, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia) - Held

-11th Meeting Of D-8 High Level Trade Officials of D-8 Countries (9-10 October 2010, Istanbul-Turkey) -Held