Tourism has become a popular global leisure activity. Tourism can be domestic or international, and international tourism has both incoming and outgoing implications on a country's balance of payments. Today, tourism is major source of income for many countries, and affects the economy of both the source and host countries, in some cases it is of vital importance.

Tourism is very functional tool to enable the D-8 member countries citizens to know each other better, to upgrade existing cultural and historical relations. Therefore, cooperation, exchange of knowledge and experience in tourism sector between D-8 countries is endorsed opponent on principle.

Tourism shall be used as a sound planning and implementation tool for efforts dedicated to elimination of regional inequalities, alleviation of poverty and development of employment opportunities, also during the coming years. At this end,- assurance shall be provided for coherence across investments to be made by various entities. To ensure development of tourism activities both at national and regional levels is an objective that is attainable only when top priority regions and areas are determined according to not only the sector specific plans worked out by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism but also the macro policies evolved and institutionalised in national development schemes prepared by the State Planning Organization and the required sets of infrastructure projects appertaining to these areas are included in the investment schedules of relevant entities and organizations.

At the First D-8 Ministerial Meeting of Tourism Cooperation in Tehran in May 2008, it was agreed to promote tourism cooperation among the D-8 member countries. It was also in this meeting that the initiative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to host the First D-8 Tourism Investment Forum in Iran with the aim of exchanging views on the latest issues, developments and trends in the fast growing areas of tourism and seeking the possibility of formulating a concrete D-8 cooperation program on investment in tourism industry and business was welcomed and appreciated by the member countries.

Based on the above, the Islamic Republic of Iran hosted the First D-8 Tourism Investment Forum in Tehran on 2 March 2009.

The Forum aimed at exploring and drawing cooperation on Tourism Investment within the D-8 member countries as mandated by the First D-8 Ministerial Meeting of Tourism Cooperation in Tehran and endorsed by the 6th D-8 Summit held in Kuala Lumpur.

  • Background
  • Activities
The Islamic Republic of Iran hosted the First D-8 Tourism Investment Forum in Tehran on 2 March 2009. The Forum agreed on the followings:

• Given the existence of capacities of the member countries in the area of tourism investment, the Group proposed that the Secretariat should prepare a complete report about challenges, barriers and capacities of tourism cooperation within the D-8 member countries and provide it to the members. Member countries are invited  to provide relevant information in this regard to the Secretariat within three months.

• The Forum agreed that the functions of D-8 tourism investment fund should include, inter alias, supporting activities such as :

1-financial support for operationalizing data bank 
2-capacity enhancement and training on Tourism.
3-providing part of the loan facilities interest rates, extracted from the execution of the investment project.

• The member countries agreed on establishing Data Bank for Investment in Tourism Industry, and asked the Secretariat to prepare the unified  format of compiling related information and do the necessary arrangements for insertion of the said information into the D-8 website. In this regard, the member countries are requested to send their proposals to the Secretariat.

• On possibility of having a Joint Tourism Investment Company, Member Countries agreed to forward their views on the establishment of a mechanism to assist private sectors to find out suitable projects to invest. The member countries are invited to provide relevant information and suggestions to the Secretariat then the Secretariat with the assistance of Turkey will compile and circulate for the consideration by next meeting. 

• On the Rules and Regulations governing investment in Tourism Industry, the meeting agreed that member countries are requested to submit their relevant regulations  to the Secretariat and the latter is called upon to prepare a comparative report on common regulations facilitating investments in D-8 within three months.

• The meeting welcomed the offer of the Islamic Republic of Iran to prepare a study report on the possibility of the reduction of tariffs for handicrafts and cultural products within D-8. 

• The Forum agreed to provide their views on the Tourism Action Plan  based on D-8 10 year Road Map regarding tourism to the Secretariat to be circulated among member countries for consideration of the next meeting.

• The meeting agreed on the  proposal made by Iran to conduct a  joint marketing, investment and destination management system within D-8.

2nd D-8 Meeting on Tourism Cooperation 1-2 July 2013 Tehran-Iran

The Meeting, after considering wide variety of issues relating to opportunities and capacities in following up tourism cooperation between member countries, reviewed the progress made in the implementation of Tehran Declaration on Tourism Cooperation adopted in the 1st D-8 Ministerial Meeting on Tourism, held in May 2008 in Tehran. A thorough consideration of issues elaborated in Tehran Declaration, including following areas was held:

- Increase total arrivals, income and accommodation 
- Feasibility of Tourism Fund within D-8 Organization
- Facilitation of Visa Issuance
- Role of SMEs in tourism cooperation
- Broadcasting of weekly TV Programs 
- Feasibility of establishing Tourism House 
- Eco-tourism initiatives and potentials
- Health tourism 
- Establishing a Working Group to prepare a 10 year action plan
- Holding Tourism Ministerial Meetings
- Airline synergy and frequent flights

Discussion on the Development of Health Tourism among Member States

Most Delegations elaborated their reports on their capacities and programs on enhancement of health tourism in their respective countries while delivering their data and information on supply and demand of health tourism services, common markets, beliefs and approaches. Requirements for expansion of the business are knowledge, medical equipment and expertise including medical proficiency. The significance of this issue would be reinforced taking into account health tourism is as a relative advantage for D-8 Member States. 

Iranian Delegation informed the Meeting that OIC Health Tourism Forum will be held in Mashhad, Iran in November 2013, and invited Member States of D-8 to participate in this gathering. 


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-1st D-8 Ministerial Meeting of Tourism Cooperation in May 2008 in Tehran-Iran  Held

-1st D-8 Tourism Investment Forum 2 March 2009 in Tehran-Iran  Held

-2nd D-8 Meeting on Tourism Cooperation 1-2 July 2013 Tehran-Iran Held