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The 4th Meeting of the Working Group on Industrial Cooperation (WGIC) of the D-8 held in Bali, Indonesia on 10-12 November 2008 and agreed that Technology Cooperation as one of the identified areas for cooperation under the industrial Cooperation of D-8. 

The 5th Working Group on Industrial Cooperation (WGIC) meeting held on 28  February 2010, in Tehran adopted Terms of Reference of Task Force on Technology cooperation as follows:

•Identifying technological and R&D capabilities of the D-8 Member States 

•Informing governmental and private organization of the D-8 Member States  about the process of forming the above cooperation İdentifying the institution and official structure of the D-8 Member States 

•Prepareing  the operational plan of technical and industrial cooperation among the D-8 Member States

•To interact with the ministries responsible for possible ways of technological and industrial cooperation

•Holding bilateral and multilateral expert meeting in the D-8 Member States

•Preparing the initial draft of the various form of industrial and technical cooperation

•Conducting several research and study project

•Evaluating and supervising the industrial  and the technical cooperation project

•Reporting  progress of the projects to the industrial ministers of the D-8 Member States on a regular basis (e.g. every D-8 meeting)

•Formation of a working group consisting of plenipotentiary representatives of the D-8 Member States for industrial and technical relation 

•Conducting joint research projects on industrial and technical areas that can facilities development of the D-8 Member States

•Appointment of the administers of the research projects and ways of providing the necessary resources

•Conducting projects of technical and industrial cooperation
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  • Activities

1.        In line with the initiation of Task Forces under WGIC, the proposal to identify the TFs was raised during the Fourth Meeting of D-8 Working Group on Industrial Cooperation (WGIC) on 10-12 November 2008, Bali-Indonesia. 

After having and intensive discussion and exchange of views, the meeting agreed to strengthen future cooperation through Task Forces:

1.Automotive (Coordinator: Iran, Egypt, and Indonesia)
2.Energy, Power Sector and Conservation (Coordinator: Turkey, Nigeria)
3.Food production through Mechanization (Coordinator: Malaysia) 
4.Cooperation/Transfer of Technology (Coordinator: Turkey, Iran)
5.Petrochemicals and Fertilizer (Coordinator: Indonesia, Iran)
6.Cement (Coordinator: Iran)
7.Steel (Coordinator: Iran)
8.Textile (Coordinator: Egypt, Indonesia)
9.Standardization and Intellectual Property Rights (Coordinator: Turkey, Iran)
10.SMEs (Coordinator: Turkey, Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria)
11.Electronics and IT (Coordinator: Malaysia) 

In the Second D-8 Task Force Meeting on Technology Cooperation was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 9 October 2012., the following decesions were made:

01. All countries nominate contact person for this particular Task Force and provide the names and contact details to D-8 Secretariat within one month.
02. The proposal of the representative from Iran, which was presented earlier in the meeting of the Task Force held in Istanbul, Turkey, for developing a Web portal for Technology Transfer & Exchange Network (TTEN) which will be technology database for D-8 Member countries, was adopted. It is recommended that the web portal is hyperlinked to D-8 website. It will be financed by Iran and will be made operational within next six months.
3. Creation of Platform for Exchange of R&D personnel among member states
4. Directory of Technology Packages in different disciplines
5. Arrange budget for R&D and Human Resource Development (HRD)
6. Organizing Annual Technology Festival in every country
7. The D-8 countries as a group would try to ensure that article 66.2 of trade related aspects TRIPS requiring to developed countries to transfer technology to developing countries is fully implemented by WTO

Outcomes of the Task Force on Technology Cooperation of the 4th Ministerial Meeting on Industrial Cooperation 26-27 January 2015, Tehran, Iran are as follows:

-Iran will initiate a Research Project to study the requirements for up-grading the technological cooperation and exchanges among the Member States. 

-The meeting decided that the D-8 TTEN Secretariat will prepare the prerequisites to act as D-8 Technology Transfer Center (TTC) in order to facilitate technology transfer among the Member States. The D-8 TTEN Secretariat, in close liaison with the D-8 Secretariat, will develop the criteria for cooperation and report to the next meeting.

-To increase technology cooperation among the Member States, D-8 TTEN Secretariat will facilitate participation in the International Technology Exhibitions (such as INOTEX 2015-I.R. Iran). All the Member States are encouraged to cooperate with D-8 TTEN Secretariat in order to make the platform an effective interface.

Outcomes of the Task Force on Technology Cooperation of the 5th Ministerial Meeting on Industrial Cooperation 09-11 May 2016, Cairo, Egypt are as follows:

•The number of technology offers and requests being posted on the D-8 TTEN website needs to be increased in order to have more matchmaking opportunities;

•D-8 TTEN Secretariat suggested that a booth exchange can take place in all technology-oriented exhibitions and events organized by D-8 countries;

•Integration between the D-8 TTEN Web platform and the platform developed by Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of Turkey ( is vital for ensuring better cooperation between D8 member states, and there should be direct communication between the Secretariats responsible for the management of the two platforms for this purpose;

•The delegations of the participating countries welcomed the suggestion of Turkey for establishing joint entrepreneurship programs to promote knowledge exchange between entrepreneurs, technology parks, incubators, etc.;

•A new project that aims at "Promoting Cooperation between Innovation Clusters and Alliances in D-8 Member States" through fostering the exchange of knowledge and best practices between those clusters based on the idea of the Cluster Development project would be explored.


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Meetings so far held:

-1st D-8 Task Force Meeting on Technology Cooperation ( 5 October 2011, Istanbul-Turkey) 

-2nd D-8 Task Force Meeting on Technology Cooperation (9 October 2012, Dhaka-Bangladesh) 

-High Council Meeting of D-8 TTEN (7 – 9 October 2013, Tehran, Iran) 

-3rd D-8 Task Force Meeting on Technology Cooperation (26-28 January 2015, Tehran-Iran)

-4th D-8 Task Force Meeting on Technology Cooperation (09-10 May 2016, Cairo-Egypt)