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Minerals have played an important role in the world economic development and continue to play such a role, especially for the countries endowed with substantial mineral resources. Global demand for minerals has steadily increased during the past four decades. Moreover, it is generally predicted that the mining industry on a global scale will continue to expand over the next 20-30 year period in order to meet the rising demand from a wide range of economic and industrial sectors. 

The D-8 member countries, individually and collectively, are endowed with substantial reserves of a wide variety of mineral resources, which lies at the heart of their keen interest in expanding cooperation in this important area. As a sub-sector of energy, which is one of the five priority areas of the D-8 Organization, minerals has been receiving increasing attention.    

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  • D-8 held its 1st Meeting of the Working Group on Mining and Minerals (WGMM) in mid-December 2008 in Bali, Indonesia.