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D-8 mourns the demise of its founding leader  09 January 2017    
Ratification of D-8 Charter by Bangladesh  21 December 2016    
Secretary-General expressed his condolences for the victims of the terrorist attacks in Turkey and Egypt  13 December 2016, Istanbul    
Nigeria: D-8 Countries Target U.S.$500 Billion Trade Volume      
D-8 preferential trade deal takes effect      
D-8 Secretary-General discussed the 9th D-8 Summit with President of Turkey  23 November 2016, Istanbul    
Visit of D-8 Secretary-General to Şanlıurfa  08 November 2016, Şanlıurfa-Turkey    
D-8 Secretary-General addressed the ICYF-DC in Mashhad  24 October 2016, Mashhad-Iran    
D-8 Chambers of Commerce and Industry Izmir Meeting  20-21 October 2016, Izmir-Turkey    
D-8 TTEN Technology Transfer Award 2015  21 October 2016, Izmir-Turkey    
DGCA Turkey held D-8 RPAS workshop in Istanbul  07 October 2016, Istanbul-Turkey    
Training Program for the web portal held in Ankara  04 October 2016, Ankara-Turkey    
Ambassador of Bangladesh to Turkey reaffirmed commitment to the D-8  29 September 2016, Istanbul-Turkey    
2nd Special Session of the D-8 Council held on 23 September 2016  23 September 2016, New York-USA    
Special session of the D-8 Commission held in Istanbul  06 September 2016, Istanbul-Turkey    
4th D-8 Task Force on Technology Cooperation meeting in Ankara  01 September 2016, Ankara-Turkey    
Meeting of D-8 Secretary-General with ASEAN Deputy Secretary-General  25 August 2016, Jakarta-Indonesia    
D-8 Secretary-General called on Foreign Minister of Indonesia  23 August 2016, Jakarta-Indonesia    
2nd D-8 Consular Authorities meeting held in Jakarta  24 August 2016, Jakarta-Indonesia    
D-8 Secretary-General called on Minister of Industry of Indonesia  23 August 2016, Jakarta-Indonesia