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Secretary-General of SMIIC paid a visit to D-8 Secretary-General  30 March 2018,Istanbul-Turkey    
Indonesia Continues to Build on Solid Economic Growth: World Bank  27 March 2018    
Bangladesh eligible for UN ‘developing country’ status  20 March 2018    
Secretary-General attended 4th International Benevolence Awards Ceremony  13 March 2018, Ankara-Turkey    
Director-General of SESRIC visits D-8 Secretary-General  12 March 2018, Istanbul-Turkey    
Inno Bio to offer its facility  07 March 2018, Istanbul-Turkey    
Prime Minister of Malaysia reaffirmed full support to D-8 Secretary-General  5 March 2018, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia    
D-8 Secretary-General attended 19th EC Conference of AARDO in Kuala Lumpur  01 March 2018, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia    
Deputy Foreign Minister of Malaysia reaffirmed Malaysia’s attachment to the D-8  02 March 2018, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia    
MATRADE will partner with D-8 for mutual trade promotion  05 March 2018, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia    
A success story of Malaysia’s rural development programme  03 March 2018, Kuala-Lumpur-Malaysia    
President Sisi gives go-ahead for 1st stage of New El Alamein eco-city  02 March 2018, Egypt    
Turkey's indigenous cars to be ready for sale by 2021  25 February 2018, Bursa-Turkey    
KOMEPS to facilitate D-8 Payment mechanism through D-8 card  20 February 2018, Istanbul-Turkey    
Malaysia wins WTO praise for impressive economic achievement  17 February 2018, Kuala Lumpur    
Undersecretary of Tourism Policy and International Affairs Division of Malaysian Tourism Ministry Visits D-8 Secretariat  16 February 2018, Istanbul-Turkey    
Ambassador Arslan reassured Turkey’s support to the D-8  15 February 2018, Ankara-Turkey    
TRT will work to promote D-8 visibility  14 February 2018, Ankara-Turkey    
Foreign Minister of Turkey reaffirmed full support to D-8 Secretary-General  10 February 2018, Istanbul-Turkey    
Bangladesh submitted original PTA instrument of ratification  09 February 2018