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D-8 Secretary-General addressed Traditional Iftar Program of Erbakan Foundation  18 June 2017, Istanbul-Turkey    
President of Erbakan Foundation wishes on the occassion of the 20th anniversary of D-8 Organization  22 June 2017, Istanbul-Turkey    
Ambassador of Pakistan to Turkey vows to strengthen ties with the D-8  15 June 2017, Istanbul-Turkey    
Secretary-General expressed his condolences to the victims of the terrorist assaults in Tehran  09 June 2017, Istanbul-Turkey    
D-8 and Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia to enhance the cooperation in Tourism  26 May 2017, Istanbul-Turkey    
4th D-8 TTEN meeting in Dhaka  17 May 2017, Dhaka-Bangladesh    
D-8 and Turkish Employment Agency (ISKUR) to work closely in the area of Employment  09 May 2017, Istanbul-Turkey    
D-8 Secretary-General addressed 1st Turkey Africa Agriculture Ministers Meeting and Agribusiness Forum in Antalya  28 April 2017, Antalya-Turkey    
D-8 and SESRIC to pursue more cooperative efforts  04 April 2017, Istanbul-Turkey    
Meeting between D-8 Secretary-General and President of Izmir Chamber  30 March 2017, Izmir-Istanbul    
D-8 Secretary-General addressed 6th Commemorative Program of late Necmettin Erbakan  04 March 2017, Istanbul-Turkey    
D-8 Secretary-General called on D-8 Commissioner of Turkey  03 February 2017, Ankara-Turkey    
UN Secretary-General looked forward to working with D-8  06 February 2017, -Turkey    
D-8 Secretary-General called on Undersecretary of Transport of Turkey  03 February 2017, Ankara-Turkey    
D-8 Secretary-General addressed the Investment Summit in Mokran  23 January 2017, Iran    
D-8 Economic Outlook 2016/2017  16 January 2016, Istanbul    
D-8 mourns the demise of its founding leader  09 January 2017    
Ratification of D-8 Charter by Bangladesh  21 December 2016    
Secretary-General expressed his condolences for the victims of the terrorist attacks in Turkey and Egypt  13 December 2016, Istanbul    
Nigeria: D-8 Countries Target U.S.$500 Billion Trade Volume