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D-8 Launches New Website Upgrade to Enhance Service to Member Countries  18 JUNE 2012 ISTANBUL TURKEY    
3rd D-8 SMEs Governmental Bodies Meeting 18-19 June 2012 Nigeria  NIGERIA 18-19 JUNE 2012    
Workshop on Gene Bank and Management of Fertilizer Production Nigeria  NIGERIA 15-17 MAY 2012    
D-8 Visited OIC to Join Forces on Implementation of MOU  JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA | APRIL 25, 2012    
The IFSB Gears Up for the 9th Annual IFSB Summit with Confirmed Speakers and Timely Topics  ISTANBUL, TURKEY | APRIL 19, 2012    
D-8 to Strengthen Cooperation in Civil Aviation Istanbul  ISTANBUL TURKEY, APRIL 5, 2012    
Director General of UNIDO-ICHET Visited D-8 Secretariat, Aiming at Energy Cooperation  ISTANBUL, TURKEY | MARCH 27, 2012    
D-8 to Further Step in Trade Enhancement through SC PTA  ISTANBUL, TURKEY | MARCH 25, 2012    
31st Session Discussed Key Agendas in Abuja  ABUJA, NIGERIA | MARCH 15, 2012    
D8-Related Business Council Meeting, Lagos, Nigeria  LAGOS, NIGERIA | JANUARY 09, 2012    
D-8 Concludes Meeting on Renewable Energy Sector  BALI, INDONESIA | NOVEMBER 25, 2011    
Exploring Developing the potential of Islamic Finance through the D-8 Islamic Microfinance Workshop  JAKARTA, INDONESIA | NOVEMBER 23, 2011    
D-8 Minister Meeting on Industry Successfully Concluded in Istanbul  ISTANBUL, TURKEY | OCTOBER 07, 2011    
D-8 Private Sectors Questionnaire  ISTANBUL, TURKEY | SEPTEMBER 22, 2011    
D-8 to Hold Ministerial Meeting on Industry 4-6 October  ISTANBUL, TURKEY | SEPTEMBER 16, 2011    
Today D-8 PTA has been Officially Set into Force  ISTANBUL, TURKEY | AUGUST 25, 2011    
Minister tasks D8 countries on job creation, poverty reduction  ABUJA, NIGERIA | JULY 19, 2011    
D-8 Tells Members to Ratify Deal to Boost Intra-Group Trade  JAKARTA, INDONESIA | JUNE 26, 2011    
D-8 Moves Forward in Civil Aviation Cooperation  JAKARTA, INDONESIA | JUNE 12, 2011    
D-8 to hold 5th WG Meeting on Civil Aviation in Indonesia, 8-9 June 2011  JAKARTA, INDONESIA | JUNE 02, 2011