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D-8 Secretariat Visited MUSIAD Headquarter in Istanbul  ISTANBUL, TURKEY | JANUARY 24, 2011    
D-8 SG Congratulated New Turkish D-8 Commissioner in Ankara  ANKARA, TURKEY | JANUARY 21, 2011    
D-8 Launches Forum Webpage to Increase Interaction among Private Sectors  ISTANBUL, TURKEY | JANUARY 11, 2011    
D-8 to Strengthen Cooperation in SMEs Sector  TEHRAN, IRAN | DECEMBER 13, 2010    
D-8 Aims Cooperation with ICAO, TMAG: Civil Aviation Meeting  ANTALYA, TURKEY | NOVEMBER 30, 2010    
D-8 to Hold WG on Civil Aviation this Week in Antalya, Turkey  ANTALYA, TURKEY | NOVEMBER 24, 2010    
Nigeria to Chair D-8 WG on Shipping  ABUJA, NIGERIA | NOVEMBER 19, 2010    
D-8 Countries to Engage in Shipping Industry Cooperation  ABUJA, NIGERIA | NOVEMBER 12, 2010    
D-8 to Seek Further Boost in Islamic Financial Services  KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA | NOVEMBER 05, 2010    
OIC and D8 Signed MoU to Activate Joint Economic Cooperation  ISTANBUL, TURKEY | OCTOBER 20, 2010    
D-8 Confirmed its Commitment to increase Intra-Trade through 11th HLTO Meeting  ISTANBUL, TURKEY | OCTOBER 12, 2010    
D-8 Organization to Furnish Custom Cooperation Programs  ISTANBUL, TURKEY | OCTOBER 08, 2010    
D-8 to Foster a Deeper Strategic Cooperation among Members  TEHRAN, IRAN | SEPTEMBER 29, 2010    
D-8 Gears Up to Hold the 11th HLTO Meeting in Istanbul  ISTANBUL, TURKEY | SEPTEMBER 07, 2010    
Turkey and Egypt Sign Deal for Joint Trade Chamber  ISTANBUL, TURKEY | SEPTEMBER 04, 2010    
Secretary General Visited AtlatJet of Turkey to Encourage Aviation Cooperation  ISTANBUL, TURKEY | SEPTEMBER 01, 2010    
D-8 Civil Aviation to Surge its Cooperation with the Upcoming WG Meeting  ANKARA, TURKEY | AUGUST 27, 2010    
Indonesia, Malaysia Expect Trade to Hit $15billion  JAKARTA, INDONESIA | AUGUST 20, 2010    
Indonesia and Turkey Beat the World’s Biggest Emerging Market  JAKARTA, INDONESIA | AUGUST 11, 2010    
Secretary General: D-8 PTA will Bring Partnership and Promoting More Active Private Sector Participation  ISTANBUL, TURKEY | AUGUST 09, 2010