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Pakistan Urges D-8 to Further Expand Trade Relations  2 -3 September 2013, Islamabad-Pakistan    
Pakistan offers the establishment of D-8 Joint Business Council  2 -3 September 2013, Islamabad-Pakistan    
D-8 Focuses on the Establishment of News Agency Association  2 -3 September 2013, Islamabad-Pakistan    
D-8 is enhancing industrial cooperation with the promotion of SMEs  15 August 2013, Abuja-Nigeria    
D-8 Secretary General met with Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria  15 August 2013, Abuja-Nigeria    
D-8 Secretary General discussed future projects with Turkish Ministers  17 July 2013, Ankara-Turkey    
D-8 and ISC signed an MoU to promote cooperation on Scientific Research and Higher Education  3 -4 July 2013, Shiraz- Iran    
D-8 pledge to Strengthen Tourism Cooperation  1-2 July 2013, Tehran-Iran    
Education Can be a Potential Cooperation Sector in D-8  27 June 2013, Cairo-Egypt    
D-8 went one step ahead to reach its target $500bn intra trade in 2018  24-25 June 2013 Abuja- Nigeria    
D-8 Secretary General meets with Minister of Transport of Egypt  10 June, 2013 Istanbul-Turkey    
D-8 Consolidates its Growth in Civil Aviation  3-4 June 2013, Dhaka- Bangladesh    
D-8 to Step Up Cooperation in Renewable Energy with IRENA  23 May, 2013 Abu-Dhabi, UAE    
Secretary-General: D-8 Will Continue to Grow with Indonesia's Support  20-22 May 2013 Jakarta, Indonesia    
D-8 expedites cooperation in the field of petrochemical industry  13-14 May 2013, Tehran, Iran    
D-8 Workshop on Metrology was successfully held in Gebze Turkey  06-08 May, 2013 Gebze, Turkey    
Turkey Offers its Full-Fledged Support to D-8 Organization  2 May 2013, Ankara Turkey    
D-8 to Embark on Closer Agricultural Cooperation with AARDO  Istanbul, 26 April 2013    
D-8 Secretary-General Attended the Conference of OIC Labour Ministers in Baku, Azerbaijan  23 April 2013, Baku, Azerbaijan    
Courtesy Visit of ECO Secretary-General to D-8 Secretary-General  Istanbul, 18 April 2013