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D-8 to Embark on Closer Agricultural Cooperation with AARDO  Istanbul, 26 April 2013    
D-8 Secretary-General Attended the Conference of OIC Labour Ministers in Baku, Azerbaijan  23 April 2013, Baku, Azerbaijan    
Courtesy Visit of ECO Secretary-General to D-8 Secretary-General  Istanbul, 18 April 2013    
Bangladesh Vows its Full-Fledged Support to D-8 Organization  Dhaka, 17 April 2013    
Konya City of Turkey Offers Full Support to D-8 Organization  7 April 2013, Konya Turkey    
D-8 Successfully Concludes Its 2nd Supervisory Meeting on PTA  28 March 2013, Ankara Turkey    
D-8 Secretary General paid a courtesy visit to Director General of Anadolu Agency (AA)  28 March 2013, Ankara Turkey    
D-8 Conveys Deep Condolences to the Government and People of Bangladesh on the unfortunate the garment building collapse  Dhaka Bangladesh    
D8 Secretary General paid a courtesy visit to Governor of Istanbul  9 March 2013, Istanbul Turkey    
D-8 to Gear Up on Formulation of Solid Fertilizers Cooperation  9-11 March 2013- Kish Island, Iran    
D-8 Secretary General Mousavi participated in an interview with Anadolu Agency (16 February, 2013)  Istanbul Turkey February 16, 2013    
D-8 Water Forum Aims for Robust Cooperation  Istanbul Turkey February 21-23, 2013    
D-8 Eyes a Joint Investment Mechanism  TEHRAN IRAN JANUARY 21-22, 2013    
D-8 FCCI Launches New Website to Promote Private Sector Activities Among Member Countries  TEHRAN IRAN JANUARY 08, 2013    
Iran Officially Commences the Post of D-8 Secretary-General  ISTANBUL TURKEY JANUARY 1, 2013    
D-8 Successfully Held the 8th Summit and Vowed to Expand Cooperation  ISLAMABAD PAKISTAN NOVEMBER 22, 2012    
D-8 Secretary General Message of Condolences on the Recent Blaze in Bangladesh  DHAKA BANGLADESH NOVEMBER 27, 2012    
D-8 Secretariat Congratulates Turkey on Her National Day  Istanbul, Turkey, 29 October 2012    
D-8 Industrial Meeting in Dhaka: How to Improve the State of Cooperation  12 October 2012, Dhaka    
D-8 Ministers Committed to Ensure Further Progress in Agriculture  Mataram, Indonesia, 3-5 October 2012