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Secretary-General visited Yıldırım Beyazıt University  27 February 2015, Ankara-Turkey    
Secretary-General visited Birlik Vakfi in Ankara  26 February 2015, Ankara-Turkey    
Secretary-General addressed the NAM Ministerial Conference of Science, Technology and Innovation  23-24 February 2015, Tehran-Iran    
D-8 University to be established in Iran  28 January 2015, Tehran-Iran    
D-8 Industry Ministers met on the occasion of the 4th D-8 Ministerial Meeting on Industry  26-28 January 2015, Tehran-Iran    
4th D-8 Ministerial Meeting on Industry began today  26-28 January 2015, Tehran-Iran    
D-8 Industry Ministers will meet in Tehran  26-28 January 2015, Tehran-Iran    
D-8 can be a platform to address Islamic World’s Problems: D-8 Secretary General  3 January 2015, Istanbul    
Secretary-General visited Adana  19 December 2014, Adana,Turkey    
D-8 Secretary-General attended the 5th ECO Ministerial Meeting on Environment  17 December 2014, Istanbul,Turkey    
Governor of Istanbul welcomed Secretary-General  15 December 2014, Istanbul,Turkey    
D-8 now Observer at the UNGA  15 December 2014, Istanbul,Turkey    
D-8 Secretary-General Visited Trabzon  15 December 2014, Trabzon,Turkey    
D-8 2nd TTEN meeting in Abuja  09-10 December 2014, Abuja-Nigeria    
5th D-8 Agricultural Ministerial Meeting on Food Security held in Istanbul  03 December 2014, Istanbul-Turkey    
D-8 enhanced its cooperation in the agricultural sector  02 December 2014, Istanbul-Turkey    
5th D-8 SMEs Governmental Meeting Takes Off In Abuja  19 November 2014 , Abuja-Nigeria    
The 5th SMEs Governmental Bodies Meeting on 18-19 November 2014 in Abuja, Nigeria  18-19 November 2014 , Abuja-Nigeria    
First D-8 meeting on rural women empowerment began today  17 November 2014,Tehran-Iran    
D-8 Newborn Resuscitation Programme inaugurated today  10-14 November 2014, Ankara-Turkey