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D-8 Secretariat congratulates on the occasion of the National Day of Pakistan  23 March 2014, Istanbul-Turkey    
Private Sector is the Engine of D-8  20 March 2014, Istanbul-Turkey    
Trade is Backbone of D-8 Cooperation  18 March 2014, Istanbul-Turkey    
D-8 Secretary-General meets with Ambassador Aminu Wali, the new Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria  12 March 2014, Abuja-Nigeria    
D-8 Intensifies Shipping Cooperation through Mutual Partnership  11-12 March 2014, Abuja-Nigeria    
D-8 Secretary General Exchanges Views with Minister of Transport of Nigeria  11-12 March 2014, Abuja-Nigeria    
D-8 Secretary-General visited Marmara Foundation  4 March 2014, Istanbul-Turkey    
D-8 Secretary-General visited Research Center for Islamic History, Art and Culture (IRCICA)  6 March 2014, Istanbul-Turkey    
D-8 Secretary-General joins to the Fifth Think Tanks Forum of OIC Member States  21-22 February 2014, Baghdad-Iraq    
D-8 Strengthens its cooperation in Visa Procedures for Business Society Benefits  17-18 February 2014, Tehran-Iran    
D-8 Secretary General’s visit to Ambassador Kenan Ipek  7 February 2014 | Ankara-Turkey    
D-8 Secretary-General: “D-8 needs new mechanisms to strengthen cooperation among private sector”  3 February 2014 | Ankara-Turkey    
Turkey's Economy Minister: Turkey is eager to cooperate with the D-8 countries  3 February 2014 | Ankara-Turkey    
D-8 Diversifies Transport Cooperation  3 February 2014 | Ankara-Turkey    
D-8 Secretary-General Dr. Mousavi welcomes easing of sanctions on Iran  3 February 2014 | Ankara-Turkey    
D-8 Eyes on the Challenges and Opportunities of Population Ageing  1 February 2014 | Istanbul-Turkey    
D-8 successfully held its 34th Session of Commission and 16th Session of the D-8 Council of Ministers in Islamabad  17-19 December 2013, Islamabad-Pakistan    
D-8 Secretary General meets with Foreign Minister Davutoğlu  10 December 2013, Ankara-Turkey    
D-8 Gear up on Pragmatic Agricultural Cooperation  4-6 December 2013 | Abuja-Nigeria    
D-8 plans to launch news network  27 November 2013, Tehran-Iran